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Sarah Al Aradi, Bahraini artist that works with a variety of mediums to create contemporary portraits with a modernized twist. Her works explore strong portraiture through oils and acrylics on canvas while expanding her techniques in drawing and coloring using pastels, charcoal, pencil color and watercolors on paper. 

Sarah's works are influenced by many aspect that include the definition of modern beauty & fashion, the expanding interaction with spirituality, and the depth of the human soul.


Bringing awareness to current global issues like domestic violence & mental illness she chooses to capture the mood and essence of a certain feeling through her subjects features and the mood of her works.

An emotional being herself, Sarah’s work experiments with different ways and techniques to showcase silhouettes, portraits and patterns involving  line art, blocks of colors and designed chaos.


With international participations that include Saatchi Gallery– UK, & Sotheby’s Auction House–London–UK, Kuwait, Dammam- K.S.A, Doha- Qatar and Many local Art events in Bahrain including the Bahrain Annual Fine Art Exhibition & Art Bab.

Sarah continues to teach Visual Arts to IB Diploma Programme Students in Bahrain and has been in the field of teaching Fine Arts for the past 12 years.

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